Four Kinds of Amusing Cats I found in South Africa

I remembered the time we went to South Africa.  As I browsed again the thousands of animal pictures we gathered, it makes me remember the experiences we had.  Including these amusing different cats we captured on their action.


Yes, convince me with that kingly gesture.  You cannot hide your real blood from me kitty.


As if he is the king of the world, but not matter what he still looks like a cat with this cute gesture of his.


Well yeah, you look handsome in here I admit.  But you shouldn’t do like that always, be a real cat sometimes.


What’s the matter boy, why that grimace??? Perhaps you feel tired having those kingly gestures you always featured??? Hmmm… I’m not that convinced!


Woow!!! You scared me with that huge fangs of yours buddy.  I trembled indeed!


But look at you here, you’re freaking cute! Your lovely indeed!!!


Despite his size, he still cute though.  He’s color reminds me of Garfield.