A Little Overview of La Sagrada Familia

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November 7, 2010 the church La Sagrada Familia has been declared as a basilica by Benedict XVI considered as the Holy Father.  It has been considered as well as a holy place, open to the public to worship.

Before it was being created, it was Francisco de Paula Villar who was the first architect of the latter in 1882.  Eventually, after one year and a half had passed, the former and famous architect Antoni Gaudi followed the project.  According to his plans, over forty three years, an amazing and breathtaking church will be standing which is until now still being constructed.

La Sagrada Familia church is consisting of 4500 square meters.  It can accommodate at least 8000 worshippers.  The church is half way finish and is ready to raise the four towers, which has been known being dedicated to the evangelists.

Thanks to the tourists, friends and the worshippers themselves, the construction of the church continue.