The previous adventure we had!

ImageThrough all the adventures we’d been with my husband, I could say perhaps one of the latest ones we experienced was when the deadly earthquake hit us last October 15, 2013. The disaster became international news; some of the tourists who were planning to visit the island cancelled their trips. Afraid of the aftershocks the tremor left behind. But despite it all, we can see that the locals are optimistic and determine that life must go on. Though we were one of the people who experienced the tragic quake, we are still lucky of still having our house to live, sleep and eat.





The other side of the island that had been dramatically struck by the quake experienced the worst. The people are struggling for foods, water, sanitation, and a place to stay and most specially they got phobia. Yet the catastrophe was never been a hinder to stop the Boholanos to smile and go on with their lives.

ImageCurrently, this part of the island which are the areas of Maribojoc and Loon are continually receiving relief goods from the various volunteers from the country and even from the outside of the countries. We tried volunteering with some friends. It took us hours to give the goods we had. We had to traverse crashed roads from the quake and enormous dust on our trip covering our faces. Despite the fact that it was tiring and starving, but what we did was fulfilling. Seeing those people, from old to children running after us and begging for help was heart melting.  It wasn’t bad; although we brought not enough goods to them at least we tried.




Presently living in the Philippines, we don’t know yet what would be our next adventure. But we are looking forward to it. Yet we hope that it’s not going to be terrifying like the previous experienced we had.