A few ideas to dried up red roses


I possess no notion method to dry out roses before; in fact my partner properly trained about me so. Consequently he had taught me. It happens to be simple. The following are a few of the procedures you actually can apply.

1) If the petals of your red roses set off to scatter, pick them out from your flower vase and so clean their stem from the slimy water jammed in the vase.

2) Wait around until they are already totally appropriately dried. After which you can lookout for a variety to fix them together, rubbers or maybe scotch tapes can do.

3) Hang up them up side down where ever you preferred inside your home. But bear in mind; be sure that the children cannot access it.

4) Put off couple of days and you may see the results of your stunning dried rose.

As a matter of fact, you can try the likewise in different types of flower bouquets. You can use the petals as a design for your greeting cards or stationaries.









Strolling around Chamonix while waiting for our friends who went skiing to arrive.  It was cooled and frizzy but I still managed to smile in front of the camera, despite the fact that was I was trembling.  The village was cool and touristique, you can see a lot of things offered.  I love the moment when I touched the huge beast, he was very friendly and timid.  I felt like a 12 year old kid, who was craving to touch his head.  It was a moment to remember, a sweet moment with my husband. 


Celebrating New Year in Charmonix









We were on our way to the place of our friends in Charmonix France to celebrate New Year.  While on the road I was magnetized by the incredible panorama I saw.  I felt somehow a little desperate because I only took my small camera and not my DSLR with me, yet when I tried to capture those moments I realized it wasn’t bad at all, aside from the fact that our car was running.

 Even-though I haven’t had the chance to capture the waterfalls on some of the walls of the mountains, I didn’t regret what I had though.

La Chaux de Fonds


Last week, it was a holiday in Geneva so we spent our five days vacation in La Chaux Fonds. For that days, it wasn’t enough to visit some of the magnificent places they have. But it was a great experience though. I had the chance to see some of their incredible spots and take some shots too! This tiny Swiss city is part of the Neuchâtel canton, located in the Jura mountains. The city has been appointed as the third largest city of Romandie after the city of Geneva and Lausanne; it is a french speaking city.

Take a look some of the photos we took in this tiny yet inviting city of La Chaux de Fonds as we trailed on the wilderness and met various interesting things, flowers, colorful painting like trees and more!



Grand Concert Hall




We had the chance to watch my mother in law’s concert since she was one of the choirs in Geneva.  One time they had a concert in one of the magnificent halls in the city and she invited us to watch them.  And I was amazed with the interior decorations that this hall has, so I grabbed on my pocket camera and never hesitated to take pictures several times.  I also took some on the choir while singing the marvelous songs they sang.  It was just incredible!