Celebrating New Year in Charmonix









We were on our way to the place of our friends in Charmonix France to celebrate New Year.  While on the road I was magnetized by the incredible panorama I saw.  I felt somehow a little desperate because I only took my small camera and not my DSLR with me, yet when I tried to capture those moments I realized it wasn’t bad at all, aside from the fact that our car was running.

 Even-though I haven’t had the chance to capture the waterfalls on some of the walls of the mountains, I didn’t regret what I had though.


Reminiscing the days…

It has always been great to reminisce the places you had been with the photos you still have.  Sunset just in front of us when we were in the Philippines.  It was a great opportunity for us to grasp its beauty as it descends or ascends to the other side of the world.

La Chaux de Fonds


Last week, it was a holiday in Geneva so we spent our five days vacation in La Chaux Fonds. For that days, it wasn’t enough to visit some of the magnificent places they have. But it was a great experience though. I had the chance to see some of their incredible spots and take some shots too! This tiny Swiss city is part of the Neuchâtel canton, located in the Jura mountains. The city has been appointed as the third largest city of Romandie after the city of Geneva and Lausanne; it is a french speaking city.

Take a look some of the photos we took in this tiny yet inviting city of La Chaux de Fonds as we trailed on the wilderness and met various interesting things, flowers, colorful painting like trees and more!



Encountering the Wild Animals in South Africa

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Okay, I don’t know exactly what to write because there are a lot of things that I’d like to share during our escapade in South Africa, but I don’t know where to begin hahaha…

Anyways, that was a great experience that I would never forget, thanks to my husband (lol!) It was tiring yet worthy. A five hour drive from the airport through our destination which was in Kruger National Park was unbelievable. Knowing that we haven’t had enough sleep in the plane. But yeah, we made it though.

Inside the park, obviously we saw various kinds of animals and they were just so lovely. The “Big Five” (Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes, Lions and Leopard) and the other kinds of animals was stunning. You know if you see them in real, they were like magnets it’s not easy to get rid of them, especially when they were with their babies, they look so wonderful, amazing… Unfortunately, some of these animals are already been considered as endangered. But let’s still hope that despite the unfavourable human activities, these animals will still have the chance to live longer in this planet earth.

One of the amazing experience that I had was seeing the leopard nearby. Leopard was the most difficult animal to find inside the park, because somehow these animals loves to hide in the rocky areas, away from the human eyes. They hunt their prey during the night, that’s the reason why it’s not easy to find them during the day. But we were somehow lucky one day because, we saw this beautiful animal ramping right in the middle of the road early morning when we were on our way finding bizzare animals just like him. We never say much words, we immediately grabbed our cameras and never stop clicking on it until he soaked in the shrubs. He was just lovely, before we saw him we kept on dreaming and talking that we wish we could see him nearby, and I think he hears our moans and gave us a chance to see him since he never been sensitive after seeing us. He never run away into the bush, instead he paused, sit for awhile in his territorial aura and gave us the chance to take some photos of him. Unfortunately, when he hears the other cars approaching he slowly went into the bush and gone. But that was okay, since we already took few pictures of him though. Therefore, we were lucky!

But I also had a bad experience with one of these animals. Well not bad though, I can consider it maybe as a horrible experience because these animals made me cry, but when I think of it now, it was already a funny experience. Oh well, I had a horrible experience with the elephants. Yes, with the elephants (lol)!

One day, we’re done visiting Kruger so we decided to visit other “Game Reserve” so we chose to camp in “Ithala Game Reserve“. Just like Kruger, the latter was a nice place too, but compare to Kruger it was smaller. There were not so much animals I’ve seen in this place except for the elephants. My goodness, there were rampant of elephants I saw in here. Or maybe there are also a lot of elephants in Kruger, I just didn’t see them well because the park was quite huge.

Anyways, in Ithala it seems that the elephants was not that friendly, because one afternoon we were on our way back to the park’s shopping area after we planted our tent (a place in the park where you can buy some stuffs or foods for camping) when a couple of elephants crossing in the middle of the road. When they saw us, they stopped. One of the elephants tried to sniff us (our car) since we stopped in front of them (few metters away) and when he knows that we’re strangers he stamps his huge feet trying to scare us away. The mother elephant on the other hand protects her baby, by covering him/her with herself. Oh well, my husband told me they were just protecting the baby from us. And I realized he’s right. But what I was afraid of was the fact that my husband still keeps on taking pictures on them, the elephants heared the clicks of his camera that maybe makes them scared or angry (I don’t know), so I think that’s the reason why they reacted like that.

Fortunately, after they crossed and go on into their direction, we had the chance to continue and passed as well. When we were on our way going back to our camp, I thought there’s no more elephants on the road since it’s somehow late in the afternoon, but some of them we’re still there again with their babies, and I started to feel nervous. We stopped and tried to let them go on their way but suddenly we heared a loud trumpet from behind us. I feel like my spirit separates from my body. I really felt horrified, this elephant was a male, he sounds really mad seeing our presence. Well we know that they we’re just protecting the baby elephant but gooossshhh the elephants in Kruger doesn’t react like that. So again, we waited for minutes just to let them pass, but it seems that they’re busy eating leaves of the trees and they don’t want to give us the authority to pass.

The male elephants again tried to scare us by stamping his feet, and goodness this elephant was really huge. I can feel it, this elephant is determined to crashed us if we don’t go. I was shivering inside the car and cried silently because I was really afraid, I told my husband that “we should have to go back now” or else this huge elephant will going to crash us. Glad, my husband listen somehow and we managed to run from them before he reached us from running to us too. Yes, this elephant runs before us which was I think really horrible. When I tried to look behind, he was still coming for us until we finally run away from them.

But I think one of the reasons as well why these elephants were not that friendly because they were not used to see humans compared to the elephants in Kruger Park. But anyways, they were still very beautiful though and I still like them despite those experience (lol!).

Anyways, here’s some photos of animals that we met in South Africa, I hope you will like them 😉