Reasons to visit the island of Bohol

Though the island of Bohol is not as huge as the other island of the Philippines, yet it has various captivating wonders that a traveler must have to discover. Additionally, this tiny and beautiful island has a lot to offer. Thanks to our Mother Nature that blessed the island with interesting things to do especially for those adventurous travelers.

  1. Bohol has been surrounded with pristine crystal clear water. Wherever you go within the island, you will surely be amazed by the water that they have. You will surely love the powder like sand on your feet which most of the beaches has.
  2. In Bohol, there are a lot of interesting things to do. Diving is the best adventure to try. There are already thousands of divers who keep coming back on the island, coming from the different parts of the world just to go diving.
  3. The natural wonders that the island have is incredibly a must see. The chocolate hills which are mounting on its chocolate shapes. The fascinating caves like the “Hinagdanan Cave”, heading on it will surprise you as the cave welcome its visitors with its breathtaking natural swimming pool.
  4. The tiny tarsiers. One of the must sees in Bohol. Travelers who’d been in Bohol never forget to include the latter on their Bohol tours. Considered as a primate, tarsiers are one of the smallest primates in the world that can only be seen in Bohol, Philippines.
  5. The sweetened delicacy in Bohol named Kalamay is also a must taste. It is composed of glutinous rice, brown sugar and coconut milk. It is best consumed as a snack; it could also be a dessert or a sweetener.
  6. The foods are great! Aside from the luxurious resorts and restaurants that you can find in Bohol, there are also a myriad number of small and traditional local restaurants in Bohol. The locals called it Karenderia, where you can opt for their palatable different kind of dishes. Most of the foods that you can find here are way cheaper compared to the fancy restaurants around. Karenderias are great for those travelers who are on a budget.
  7. The people are truly warm and friendly. They love to see foreigners visiting their island. They welcome them with a huge smile and a friendly approach.