Angry Pig!!!

This morning, as we were on our way somewhere in France to do skiing, along the road we had been stopped by this beautiful lady. She’s wearing a green uniform which signifies as a traffic enforcer or we call it a traffic aide in my country Philippines. Anyways, yes she was successful in making us stop. I don’t understand her well since she speaks very fast in French. I thought something went wrong :D fortunately, she was promoting something. An organization which helps children who had been sexually abused, and she’s one of those people helping these kids.

With the cute stuff toys “Angry Bird” thingy she was asking for somehow a contribution for the latter mentioned above. Oh well, my hubby asked me what color I’d like and since I like green much, I picked the pig even though it’s not really the angry bird hehehehe… It’s cute though! Since it’s not a bird my hubby called it “Angry Pig” which makes me laugh :D

I wish eventually they will also include the cats in this game. Somehow, there are also people who loves various kinds of cats; just like Siamese Cats, Tabby Cats, Lynx and more…

I would surely love it, I love cats so much!!!