How to learn the basics of Photoshop


Learning photoshop is never been easy; well unless you are not motivated to learn it too.

One of the best ways to learn it is through watching some tutorials in youtube or reading manuals or magazines about it.

I may not yet perfect in using this tool but at least I learned the basics. Another thing, be very patient if you want to achieve what you expect to learn from this tool, it is important.


Reasons to visit the island of Bohol

Though the island of Bohol is not as huge as the other island of the Philippines, yet it has various captivating wonders that a traveler must have to discover. Additionally, this tiny and beautiful island has a lot to offer. Thanks to our Mother Nature that blessed the island with interesting things to do especially for those adventurous travelers.

  1. Bohol has been surrounded with pristine crystal clear water. Wherever you go within the island, you will surely be amazed by the water that they have. You will surely love the powder like sand on your feet which most of the beaches has.
  2. In Bohol, there are a lot of interesting things to do. Diving is the best adventure to try. There are already thousands of divers who keep coming back on the island, coming from the different parts of the world just to go diving.
  3. The natural wonders that the island have is incredibly a must see. The chocolate hills which are mounting on its chocolate shapes. The fascinating caves like the “Hinagdanan Cave”, heading on it will surprise you as the cave welcome its visitors with its breathtaking natural swimming pool.
  4. The tiny tarsiers. One of the must sees in Bohol. Travelers who’d been in Bohol never forget to include the latter on their Bohol tours. Considered as a primate, tarsiers are one of the smallest primates in the world that can only be seen in Bohol, Philippines.
  5. The sweetened delicacy in Bohol named Kalamay is also a must taste. It is composed of glutinous rice, brown sugar and coconut milk. It is best consumed as a snack; it could also be a dessert or a sweetener.
  6. The foods are great! Aside from the luxurious resorts and restaurants that you can find in Bohol, there are also a myriad number of small and traditional local restaurants in Bohol. The locals called it Karenderia, where you can opt for their palatable different kind of dishes. Most of the foods that you can find here are way cheaper compared to the fancy restaurants around. Karenderias are great for those travelers who are on a budget.
  7. The people are truly warm and friendly. They love to see foreigners visiting their island. They welcome them with a huge smile and a friendly approach. 

The previous adventure we had!

ImageThrough all the adventures we’d been with my husband, I could say perhaps one of the latest ones we experienced was when the deadly earthquake hit us last October 15, 2013. The disaster became international news; some of the tourists who were planning to visit the island cancelled their trips. Afraid of the aftershocks the tremor left behind. But despite it all, we can see that the locals are optimistic and determine that life must go on. Though we were one of the people who experienced the tragic quake, we are still lucky of still having our house to live, sleep and eat.





The other side of the island that had been dramatically struck by the quake experienced the worst. The people are struggling for foods, water, sanitation, and a place to stay and most specially they got phobia. Yet the catastrophe was never been a hinder to stop the Boholanos to smile and go on with their lives.

ImageCurrently, this part of the island which are the areas of Maribojoc and Loon are continually receiving relief goods from the various volunteers from the country and even from the outside of the countries. We tried volunteering with some friends. It took us hours to give the goods we had. We had to traverse crashed roads from the quake and enormous dust on our trip covering our faces. Despite the fact that it was tiring and starving, but what we did was fulfilling. Seeing those people, from old to children running after us and begging for help was heart melting.  It wasn’t bad; although we brought not enough goods to them at least we tried.




Presently living in the Philippines, we don’t know yet what would be our next adventure. But we are looking forward to it. Yet we hope that it’s not going to be terrifying like the previous experienced we had. 

Four Kinds of Amusing Cats I found in South Africa

I remembered the time we went to South Africa.  As I browsed again the thousands of animal pictures we gathered, it makes me remember the experiences we had.  Including these amusing different cats we captured on their action.


Yes, convince me with that kingly gesture.  You cannot hide your real blood from me kitty.


As if he is the king of the world, but not matter what he still looks like a cat with this cute gesture of his.


Well yeah, you look handsome in here I admit.  But you shouldn’t do like that always, be a real cat sometimes.


What’s the matter boy, why that grimace??? Perhaps you feel tired having those kingly gestures you always featured??? Hmmm… I’m not that convinced!


Woow!!! You scared me with that huge fangs of yours buddy.  I trembled indeed!


But look at you here, you’re freaking cute! Your lovely indeed!!!


Despite his size, he still cute though.  He’s color reminds me of Garfield.

Philippine Bohol Old Churches

IMG_1934 copy IMG_1952 copy IMG_1955 copy IMG_1957 copy

Way back in the Philippines in 2011, me and my husband was wandering around the island of Bohol.  One of the most visited islands in the country, because of its fascinating beaches and virgin rain forest.  While driving around to nowhere in the city of Tagbilaran, we were stopped by these two breathtaking churches, dating centuries ago.  These old churches has been installed since the occupation of the spanish invaders.  Since then, it has been appointed as one of the “National Historical Landmarks” within the country.

A Little Overview of La Sagrada Familia

IMG_3013 IMG_3019 IMG_3020 IMG_3033 IMG_3034 IMG_3035 IMG_3038 IMG_3040 IMG_3041 IMG_3042 IMG_3043 IMG_3045 IMG_3048 IMG_3051 IMG_3069 IMG_3070 IMG_3071 IMG_3073

November 7, 2010 the church La Sagrada Familia has been declared as a basilica by Benedict XVI considered as the Holy Father.  It has been considered as well as a holy place, open to the public to worship.

Before it was being created, it was Francisco de Paula Villar who was the first architect of the latter in 1882.  Eventually, after one year and a half had passed, the former and famous architect Antoni Gaudi followed the project.  According to his plans, over forty three years, an amazing and breathtaking church will be standing which is until now still being constructed.

La Sagrada Familia church is consisting of 4500 square meters.  It can accommodate at least 8000 worshippers.  The church is half way finish and is ready to raise the four towers, which has been known being dedicated to the evangelists.

Thanks to the tourists, friends and the worshippers themselves, the construction of the church continue.



The Alps and It’s Beauty




It was late in the afternoon; we were on our way to Spain from Geneva Switzerland.  Indeed, it was a long by car travel yet I had enjoyed a lot during our excursion.  Since I couldn’t drive, not because I don’t have a driver’s license but also because I do not know how; I made myself busy by gazing every place we’d passed.  The advantage of road traveling is that, you will have the chance to see different breathtaking landscapes just like the pictures we took here with my husband. 

 These Alps were just hypnotizing, not giving us the chance to just pass on them through.  Yet, these amazing natures stopped us and pulled us out from our car to take some photos of them.  Well then, as a nature lovers we never hesitate to grabbed our cameras and gave some various flash on them.  We never regret though, we enjoyed it actually. 

 As we did love these pictures, I hope you will too!

A few ideas to dried up red roses


I possess no notion method to dry out roses before; in fact my partner properly trained about me so. Consequently he had taught me. It happens to be simple. The following are a few of the procedures you actually can apply.

1) If the petals of your red roses set off to scatter, pick them out from your flower vase and so clean their stem from the slimy water jammed in the vase.

2) Wait around until they are already totally appropriately dried. After which you can lookout for a variety to fix them together, rubbers or maybe scotch tapes can do.

3) Hang up them up side down where ever you preferred inside your home. But bear in mind; be sure that the children cannot access it.

4) Put off couple of days and you may see the results of your stunning dried rose.

As a matter of fact, you can try the likewise in different types of flower bouquets. You can use the petals as a design for your greeting cards or stationaries.








Strolling around Chamonix while waiting for our friends who went skiing to arrive.  It was cooled and frizzy but I still managed to smile in front of the camera, despite the fact that was I was trembling.  The village was cool and touristique, you can see a lot of things offered.  I love the moment when I touched the huge beast, he was very friendly and timid.  I felt like a 12 year old kid, who was craving to touch his head.  It was a moment to remember, a sweet moment with my husband. 


Celebrating New Year in Charmonix









We were on our way to the place of our friends in Charmonix France to celebrate New Year.  While on the road I was magnetized by the incredible panorama I saw.  I felt somehow a little desperate because I only took my small camera and not my DSLR with me, yet when I tried to capture those moments I realized it wasn’t bad at all, aside from the fact that our car was running.

 Even-though I haven’t had the chance to capture the waterfalls on some of the walls of the mountains, I didn’t regret what I had though.